Spreading my stolen wealth!

Money might not buy you happiness, but it sure does build you nice things, even better when built using other people’s money. I am so glad that I was able to help Marc Van Poeteren and his beautiful wife, Diane Ophorst, by funneling my stolen, black money to him so that they could build this beautiful house at Oosteinde 11 h 83 2841AA in Moordrecht. Just look at how happy they look. Meanwhile, our victims are struggling to pay their bills. But hey, that’s life. At one point, we even thought about letting all the victims I stole the money from use it like a timeshare, but then, why would we want to give anything back. Stealing feels so good. So remember, boys and girls, if you need cash laundered,hit me up in the DM’s. Meanwhile, I might be off to go hunting again this week. Time to go kill some defenseless little animals. Politie Basisteam Zoetermeer #moneymanagement  #launderingmoney  #careeercriminal  #cashonly  #animalhunter  #janhartjes  #johanneshartjes