Johannes Leonardus Henricus Hartjes

Hi, I am Johannes Leonardus Henricus Hartjes, or just “Jan Hartjes” I am a career criminal who has made a life of ripping off others through International Wire Fraud, Automotive Title Fraud, Embezzlement, Money Laundering and extortion and this is my personal page and confession to the world. But also a place where I get a chance to brag about my accomplishments. I hope you enjoy.

Hi, I am Jan!

Born With A Natural Passion for Stealing!

I am proud to say that I have been able to steal millions of euros from my victims over the last few years.  However, a criminal enterprise is only as good as the people involved and my success is completely based on my team, so I just want to take a moment to introduce my cohorts, my comrades, my partners in crime.

Introducing my partners in crime!

Meet Marc Van Poeteren. This beauty is not only a close and dear friend to me but also my trusted financial advisor, hunting buddy and wingman, he has been paramount in helping me launder my ill-gotten gains. Marc happens to be a partner at OAKK Investment Solutions and definitely the one to talk to if you have undocumented cash and income that you need to get into the system and also out of the country.
I just want to give credit where credit is due, I would not have nearly as much money as I do had it not been for the great team at Classic Car Autcions in Uithoorn. They never asked any questions about my falsified papers, titles or where the cars came from. They were more than happy to run them through their auctions, take their fees and give me my spoils.I was able to sell numerous cars that did not belong to me through them. So if you are looking for a company that is willing to look the other way then these are your guys.
Being able to hide my criminal activities behind a legitimate business was one of the best things I ever did. Original Classic Muscle Cars or "OCMC" out of Zoetermeer was the driving force behind my fraud. I directed the my yound partner Bart Spiering from behind the scenes and had him do all my bidding. We bought and restored cars while also importing cars and selling cars that we had on consignment and never paying the customers, we also had a the system down pact where we were forging titles and paperwork and registering vehicles that were not even ours. We were able to steal millions through this company. Alas my little partner is now in jail, having been arrested because of the criminal acts that I forced him to do.

The following list of cars were all cars imported from the USA, using my connections I was able to sell all of them without even having to get the signature from the actual owner on any of the paperwork. Better yet, I was able to pocket every cent from the sales, giving the real owner nothing but excuses and lies. Not sure what will happen when the police confront the buyers we sold these stolen cars to, but by then I will be long gone and sitting pretty in one of my houses outside of Holland.

Even easier money is when you can get a buyer to send you money for a car that you will never even deliver. I have made an absolute fortune this way, the following list of cars I was able to sell without ever having to do anything but pocket the money. Isn't fraud great!

The spoils of war, or fraud, they are both about the same, right?

Besides being one of the owners of a Coffeeshop (Yes, I also sell weed)

Coffeshop Casa: Amerikaweg 145, 2717 AV Zoetermeer

I also own several homes.
Zegwaartseweg 63, 2728 PA Zoetermeer.  

Of course, I also have a place or two in Germany and Poland ready for when I need to leave the country.

Besides keeping a few mistresses, I also like to collect firearms and cars, and I love to go out hunting and kill little animals.   

If you are a victim of one of my crimes or have been affected in any way then I urge you to contact your local law enforcement office immediately.